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Empower your delivery operation with our last mile management software for courier productivity, customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

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Efficient last-mile delivery

Your restaurant generates a big revenue from home delivery and customers judge your service based on your delivery performance.

Fast Onboarding

Delivex App offers easy installation and fast onboarding for restaurants and couriers.

Easy Management

Delivex App allows you to manage orders, couriers, tasks, and customers in one place.

Productive Team

Delivex App assists your couriers in on-time delivery and completing more tasks.

Delightful Customer

Delivex App delight your customers when and after their orders are on the way.

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Once you are a Delivex App user, you will benefit from these tools to advance your delivery management.

Order Integration

Delivex's third-party integrations allow accepting orders from different platforms. Each incoming order triggers a new task in Delivex so you and your employees can track new orders easily.

Task Matching

Delivex's smart dispatching algorithm matches new tasks with the delivery employees by considering the target location, courier availability, traffic and weather conditions.

Courier Assistance

Delivex's courier app detects the optimum route and gives live navigation support to the courier. Couriers can communicate with their colleagues and customers on the app seamlessly.


Delivex sends SMS and email notifications to customers when their order is on the way. Customers can see the courier's live location and estimated time of arrival on a tracking link.

Feedback Collection

Delivex sends a survey link to the customers after the delivery is completed. Customers can evaluate the quality of service, as well as rate the courier and leave a comment about him.

Performance Reports

Delivex tracks your employee performance in a data-oriented way and creates visual analytic reports about your delivery team's performance for improving the results.


Delivery workflow with Delivex

Delivex App digitally assists restaurant owners, fleet managers, couriers, and customers during the whole delivery process.


Order Acceptance

Accept orders automatically from different platforms with our third-party integration or create orders manually.



Automated task assignment will match incoming orders with the courier according to availability and delivery location.



Courier is navigated through the optimum route. Restaurant officers and customers can track the live location.



Customer receives the order and signs a digital proof of delivery. Then the courier turns out available for new tasks.



Customer evaluates the delivery service and the courier's performance by rating and leaving a comment.

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